The Facts Behind the Costs of YTT

Yoga teacher training isn’t cheap and the costs keep coming. The problem with teacher training is that once you start, you quickly realize that the more you learn about yoga, the more you understand that there’s still so much about yoga that you don’t know (still with me here?). So, training to be a yoga teacher becomes a rabbit hole of continuing education that can get really expensive over the years. What I’ve found most yoga teachers struggle with is that what we make as an income as a teacher does not support the cost of continuous training. It just isn’t fair!

So why is yoga teacher training so expensive? A few years ago I began co-leading my own teacher trainings and my eyes were opened to all the costs associated with running a training. I’m sharing them with you because I think that transparency around these costs may create for you a greater acceptance and willingness to shell out and continue your yogic education as it did for me.

Here are the costs that may (or may not) be carried by the yoga teacher training facility you choose to sign up with.

  • materials like textbooks, bolsters, mats, straps and blocks
  • the instructor who is leading the course’s fee and the fee of any guest instructors like anatomy specialists or kirtan groups
  • the marketing costs
  • travel costs for the instructor if it is a destination training or the instructor is coming from out of town. This will include airfare and mileage, accommodation and meals
  • space rental for the training which may be at a studio or hall facility
  • any special events that are part of the training like outings or graduation celebrations
  • website and social media management for the training (may be included in marketing costs)
  • your accommodation and meals if it is a destination training
  • registration fees for Yoga Alliance or any other governing body the teacher training is certified under
  • taxes!
  • federal/provincial/state/international business fees
  • insurance (including travel insurance if it is a destination YTT)
  • music rights

This is a lot and trust me, it adds up! If you think your potential school is too expensive or you’re uncertain about the reasons why it’s charging so much for a training, don’t hesitate to ask them! Give them the opportunity to be transparent and then make your decision based on whether you feel their answer gave the training value or not. My final piece of advice, however, is once you’ve signed up for YTT and put the money down, stop worrying about the cost of the investment and ENJOY your training. Be fully present to the teachings and you will glean even more value out of your training!

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