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YTP: What do you think makes a great yoga teacher?

Simon: Having knowledge about real yoga and having the ability to communicate it with others.

YTP: What is your one hope for each and every graduate of your yoga teacher training program?

Simon: To be able to share the knowledge learnt to make the world a better place.

YTP: What is the biggest mistake students make when it comes to selecting or preparing for yoga teacher training?

Simon: Not checking the credentials of the trainers.

YTP: What is the most common concern you hear from potential students and how do you address it?

Simon: Students ask, are they qualified to do the the training. With our comprehensive understanding of anatomy and physiology and real yoga we can modify the training for almost everyone.


About Simon Borg-Olivier

Yoga Synergy is the collective effort of Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss who have both been teaching yoga for over 20 years. The Yoga Synergy method “integrates traditional yoga for the modern body.” Their teacher trainings are in-depth and go well beyond the practice and philosophy of yoga. Trainings happen in Australia (Sydney & Byron Bay) and India (Goa). Find their next program here.


Our goal at Yoga Teacher Prep is to help you feel totally confident in your yoga teacher training choices. We present Q&A with Yoga Teacher Trainers so you can get to know a variety of trainers from around the world. We hope this helps you find one that is a good match for you and your goals in taking yoga teacher training. Let us know what you think in our Facebook Group. Want even more support? Join the Yoga Teacher Prep Academy! It’s a resource center stocked with everything you need to walk into your YTT feeling 100% confident and ready. 

PhotoCredit: Rick Carter

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