Tune into the Energies and Traditions to Facilitate Transformation

YTP: How can location impact the yoga teacher training experience? 

Lacey: There are so many sacred and spiritually charged locations around the world. I feel that these special places enhance the yoga teacher training experience by offering an opportunity to tune into the energies and traditions of that land. I recommend to seek out those places that call to your spirit, that are synergistically connected to the essence and the spirit of the offering as well as the service you will embark upon your pathless path.

YTP: What do you think makes a great yoga teacher?

Lacey: Connecting to the wisdom and guru inside us all through deepened self-practice and inquiry is what makes empowers a yoga teacher.

YTP: What inspired you to become a yoga teacher trainer?

Lacey: The first yoga teacher training program I participated in had such a profound effect on my own personal awakening so I felt inspired to share and facilitate a transformational journey with others.


About Lacey Hickox

Lacey takes a holistic approach to her teachings incorporating Ayurveda and shamanic teachings infused with a deep connection to nature. She’s situated in San Francisco but she’s always on her journey of seeking to learn, explore and live the path of yoga. Lacey offers retreats and yoga teacher trainings in majestic places like the Sacred Valley in Peru. Of her next YTT she says, “Pure magic, momentous empowerment, deep realization – these are the experiences offered through this training in the highlands of Peru. In addition to our standard course offerings, we will dive deep into our mystical consciousness, developing our practice from the soul level to bring forth each individual’s unique gifts. We will share the teachings of yoga applied to daily living, connect through provoking cosmic wisdom, and learn Shamanic Healing Practices of the Andes.” Connect with Lacey here. 


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