Honor the therapeutic aspect of Yoga

YTP: What inspired you to become a yoga teacher trainer?

Kaya Peters: I felt like I needed to share this work with as many people as possible. Yoga is a powerful practice with the power to heal the world. The more skilled and experienced teachers, the better. I’m very passionate about sharing Yoga with the world.

YTP: What’s the most common concern you hear from potential students and how do you address it?

Kaya: That they’re overwhelmed with the amount of information out there. That they don’t know what style of Yoga they want to practice or learn more about. I tackle this by offering a foundational training which teaches the real essential basics for breath, movement and alignment. I don’t classify a “kind” of yoga but just offer what has been taught by the ancient masters and yoga scriptures, with a very modern down to earth approach. This makes that my students graduate as yoga teacher with in depth knowledge of the human body and mind, and know how to apply yoga practices for health and to improve life quality.

YTP: What is the most important step students should take before signing up for a yoga teacher training?

Kaya: They need to make sure they committ to what they sign up for. Yoga is a discipline and takes practice, practice, practice. Also a connection to the teacher is important.

YTP: What is the biggest mistake students make when it comes to selecting or preparing for yoga teacher training?

Kaya: I think they want to go too fast. Doing a Vinyasa training without any previous experience makes no sense. I feel people need to take a step back and honor the therapeutic aspect of Yoga and not approach it as a new form of fitness.

YTP: What do you think makes a great yoga teacher?

Kaya: Practice, knowledge, experience and compassion.



Kaya Peters, E-500 RYT, has so many different certifications it’s hard to list them all. Suffice it to say that she utilizes a variety of different holistic health modalities and deep yoga understanding to provide her students with a unique experience. Her  yoga teacher training programs focus on the therapeutic application of yoga and are held in Dubai. Find out more about her next 200, 300 or 500 hours programs here.


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