Wake up to life via yoga’s many impressive practices

YTP: What is the most common concern you hear from potential students and how do you address it?

Julia: They are concerned that their practice/body isn’t “advanced” enough to do a training.  My responses is that so long as you have a love for yoga and have been on the mat with a curiosity to learn more – you’ll be fine. The term “advanced” is misunderstood and an overused one. Yoga is never mastered because it is always in flux with whatever our life is throwing us. You can never be too ready or not ready enough.

I also hear that they aren’t into being a yoga teacher, they just want to learn for themselves. Of all my trainings, 50% are there to maybe teach, the rest are there as a treat to learn more about themselves. Both are awesome reasons.

YTP: What is the most important step students should take before signing up for a yoga teacher training?

Julia: 1. Find out via word of mouth if the training is solid. 2. Find out if the teacher leading the training has a solid foundation coming from YEARS of self-study and teaching. There are far too many teachers these days certifying others to teach who haven’t put in enough time – this is a subject I’m probably a bit too opinionated on. However, your teacher’s time and practice – this pays off for your experience in learning. Also, do you relate to your teacher? Find out if you like them? Quite often new students feel they need to travel to see a) the most popularly advertised teachers or b) a 90 year old teacher from India to get yoga in its purest form – which sometimes works, sometimes it doesn’t. They get to an ashram in India and then may experience that the gap is so vast – there is a disconnect. Make sure you know WHY you’re travelling to a teacher. Desikachar spoke of this – and how he would often connect students with teachers that were culturally compatible – mainly for the teaching to be more fluid. As for the well advertised teachers – experience them in real life and find out if they are for you regardless. Feel them out in real life before investing thousands of dollars. Do they make you laugh while you learn something? Do they touch an authentic part of you? Do you feel a yes in your belly? Are their trainings small enough that you’ll still get attention to learn? These are all important things to feel out.

YTP: What is your one hope for each and every graduate of your yoga teacher training program?

Julia: That each student wakes up to life via yoga’s many impressive practices – and to never fall asleep to the oppressive drone of cultural/societal beliefs that can sometimes asphyxiate our souls. That every student wakes up and remembers with excitement that they have a creative beast inside of them! No matter how young, old, quiet, loud etc. they think they are. We are all innately creative.


About Julia McCabe

It wasn’t until Julia met her first true teacher in 2000, after years of dabbling with yoga, that she says ‘yoga found her.’ She discovered the light that burns bright in teachers and now she travel the world helping more people find that light within them. Her next 200 hr program is in Goa, India (Nov. 2016). Find out where she’ll teach next by visiting her here.


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