Be authentic and check the vibe…

YTP: What do you think makes a great yoga teacher?

Hali: Authentic expression, honesty, teaching for their students (not for themselves) and respecting their bodies (i.e. not show-boating in misaligned yoga postures).

YTP: What is the most important step students should take before signing up for a yoga teacher training?

Hali: To not over think it and ensure they vibe with the school and their methodology.

YTP: What is your one hope for each and every graduate of your yoga teacher training program?

 Hali: That they live their most powerful lives, reach their dreams and become the most powerful version of themselves

 YTP: What inspired you to become a yoga teacher trainer?

Hali: My training is based off of years of experience of a dedicated practice of yoga (over half of my life), and includes a vast number of personal healing techniques from personal development to asana to modern alignment and anatomy (taken from our affiliate 1000 hour yoga therapy program: NEU Yoga Therapy, to different energy and cognitive healing modalities, to modern nutrition. All of these modalities combined inspired me to become a trainer. It is my intention for my school to train students in different modalities and with the most recent science in nutrition and movement.



About Hali Love

Hali Love is the founder of Multi Style Yoga International. She has been practicing since 1994 and has been leading teacher trainings since 2007. Her programs are primarily held in Costa Rica (next one is in Oct. 2016). True to their name they offer Thai Yoga Massage, 200 hour YTT, SUP yoga YTT and Anatomy and Adjustments Training. Look for upcoming programs in Central America and the UK. Find out more here.


Our goal at Yoga Teacher Prep is to help you feel totally confident in your yoga teacher training choices. We present Q&A with Yoga Teacher Trainers so you can get to know a variety of trainers from around the world. We hope this helps you  find one that is a good match for you and your goals in taking yoga teacher training. Let us know what you think in our Facebook Group.

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