I want to help make your yoga journey as easy and positive as possible.

I’ve gathered a bunch of tools that either I wish I had when I was doing my training or that I found invaluable. I hope they inspire, motivate and guide you. Most importantly, I hope they help you feel prepared to start your yoga teacher training journey with confidence, clear intentions and an open heart.

Free Yoga Teacher Challenge Starts Dec. 1, 2017

This free 7-day Energize Your Yoga Career Challenge will provide you with the tools you need to succeed in the saturated yoga teaching market. Each day you’ll be emailed a yoga business challenge that will not only inspire you to move forward with yoga teaching freedom but also bring some awareness to any energy blockages. We use the 7-Chakra model to dive deep into the body’s flow of prana. Sign up today!

Define Your Unique Offering and Share It Efficiently

Gone are the days when there was one kind of yoga and one yoga teacher in town. Now, yoga students have a lot of choice and it’s up to the yoga teacher to find a way to stand out. That’s why we created this Workshop – to help you determine what makes you uniquely you, how to attract students who will eat up what you have to offer and how to do it effectively and with integrity using digital and creative marketing.

Your Guide to Crafting the Best Yoga Teacher Career

Navigating your way through the yoga industry can be challenging and frustrating. Whether you’re looking to find just the right job, create your own opportunities or a combinations this online program is your guide to crafting a blissful and purposeful career. Go from trying to string together gigs that leave you earning too little and stressing too much to dialing in the best opportunities and rocking your yoga teaching career. Don’t let your dream of being a yoga teacher be derailed by anemic job prospects; learn to thrive instead.

Find Your Bliss Through Purposeful Goal Setting

Goal setting is an important part of striving for your dreams but as yoga teachers, we need to approach this a little differently. In this online program, Laura shares her goal setting process including a 10-page workbook. She walks you through each step of crafting goals and intentions that are aligned with your core values and move you toward realizing your purpose as a yoga teacher. Put an end to feeling scattered in your day to day and start working strategicially toward achieving your true dharma with meaningful goals and intentions.

Your Blueprint to Leading Successful Yoga Retreats

With over 40 yoga retreats under her belt, Laura has learned a lot of the tricks of the trade. She’s taken her learning and put it all together in this online video course. You’ll not only get her tips you’ll also get access to the documents that she uses to plan, market and run successful yoga retreats. Take advantage of learning from her mistakes instead of having to make your own. This is the blueprint to hosting successful and profitable yoga retreats big and small.

The Ultimate Resource for Yoga Teacher Training Students

Yoga Teacher Prep Academy is like prep school for yoga teacher training. We’ve pulled together all the resources you could possibly need in order to feel totally ready to take on yoga teacher training. Why? Because we’ve been there and know what it feels like. We’ve had the nerves, the uncertainty and that feeling that you’re going to get on your mat the first day and everyone will see that you’re an imposter. We want you to get the absolute most out of your YTT experience.

Cultivate Community & Build Your Tribe

So often teachers struggle with finding students to fill their classes on a consistent basis. This Premium Workshop shows yoga teachers how to grow their community (both online and in real life), retain the students they do have, and find the support they need to stay balanced and motivated. After completing this program, teachers will feel empowered and will have the tools to fill their classes, cultivate a loyal following and welcome abundance.

Free eBook: 108 YTT Tips

In 2016, we reached out to some of the top yoga teachers from around the world to ask them for their very best tips for students entering yoga teacher training. What we got back was a beautiful combination of insightful, profound and practical tips for before, during and after your training as a yoga teacher. We decided to turn it into an eBook so you could have their tips at your fingertips. Grab your copy – it’s Free.

FREE Video Course – Get Clear on Yoga Teacher Training

Free Tool: Yoga Music Playlists

Laura’s Must Read Books Before YTT

“What books should I read before starting yoga teacher training?” It’s probably the most common question I get. Here are a few books that will help you feel more prepared for the challenge ahead.

Free Tool: Yoga Teacher Personality Quiz

Laura’s Favourite Things

When you’re getting into something new, just like going to school, having the right equipment is so important. Here are some of the things I value that can help start you off on the right foot.  I carefully curated these recommendations, in other words, I really love this stuff and I know you will too.

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