Six Questions to Your Future…

Every wonder what kind of yoga teacher you’ll be? Maybe you’re a yoga rockstar in waiting, an enlightenment seeker, a booty buster, a business aficionado, or a selfless guru? This quiz will figure out your yoga teacher personality.

This quiz is a bit of fun but it can also be very helpful as you come clear on what your future as a yoga teacher might look like. It could even be instrumental in helping you decide the style of yoga you’ll study and what teacher you should be aligning yourself with. Heck, it could save you a lot of time and money avoiding the wrong program!

Have fun and when you’re done, be sure to let us know what the quiz revealed about you! Share it in the Yoga Teacher Prep Facebook Group.

<div class="riddle_target" data-url="//" style="max-width:640px;margin:0 auto"><div style="display:none"><section><h2>What Will Your Yoga Teacher Personality Be?</h2><p><div>Ever dream of rolling out your mat at the head of the class? What kind of yoga teacher would you be? Are you a burgeoning yoga rockstar, an enlightenment seeker, a booty buster, a business aficionado, or a selfless guru? Take this yoga personality quiz to find out!</div><div><br></div></p></section><section><h3>Yoga Rockstar</h3><p><div>Your yoga offering is going to be unique and you know it! The world will benefit from what you have to share and you're ready to share it with everyone.  Yoga has inspired you and you see now how your practice and teachings can inspire others.  Passing along these teachings and being known for your knowledge will fill your soul.  You value every opportunity to share your passion and once you're a teacher, you won't let a single yoga teaching opportunity pass you by. Rock on!</div></p></section><section><h3>Enlightenment Seeker</h3><p><div>Your yoga is never about you and neither will your teaching be. Your focus is on the greater good and your teachings will be meditative and contemplative.  Your practice is progressive and you're not afraid to get your hands dirty.  You'll deftly avoid trends and instead focus on what's tried and true.  Your students will seek you out to raise their vibration and take them to a place of peace.  You believe yoga is a lifestyle, not just a class. Om on and share your light. </div></p></section><section><h3>Booty Buster</h3><p><div>You work hard at what you do and you'll expect the same from your students!  You believe in practice, practice, practice because you know that this is what will generate results. Your students will love your fiery nature and know that your classes always deliver. You're not afraid of true transformation and are will become famous for pushing your students to their edge. Own your sweat-love and go gather your tribe. </div></p></section><section><h3>Business Aficionado</h3><p><div>The yoga industry is exciting to you and nothing lights you up more than the idea of making your passion your career.  You're creative and constantly thinking of ways that you will take your yoga community by storm. You've got plans. Whether it's a unique workshop, a studio concept, or an original marketing idea, your modern yoga ideas will soon blaze the way for other yogis in the community. You'll identified what your students want, and will be a popular instructor because you'll deliver a killer class from start to finish.  You're professional, quick, and definitely not afraid to ask for money for your services. With a laptop in one hand and a mat in the other, you're ready to launch!</div></p></section><section><h3>Selfless Guru</h3><p><div>You view yoga as your way of giving back. The practice of yoga has provided you with so much enrichment, you feel that becoming a yoga teacher will give you the opportunity to share the love.  Your students will be taken care of when they show up for class. They'll flock to class to bask in your compassion and calming energy. Your teachings will be traditional because you believe in the ways of the old masters. Nothing will fulfill you more than to study the history and philosophy of the old masters and share the value of their offerings. It's not about you, but the light you have must be shared. </div></p></section><section><h3>The work you do off the mat consists mostly of…</h3><p>Working out so you’re strong enough to do the advanced postures</p><p>Taking photos for your social media feeds</p><p>Reading inspirational literature</p><p>Looking for ways to help others</p><p>Checking out how yoga teachers you respect are marketing their classes and offerings</p></section><section><h3>Your main goal as a yoga instructor will be...</h3><p>Making a successful living</p><p>Becoming a household name</p><p>Passing down the sacred teachings of the Gita</p><p>Finding inner peace</p><p>Nailing handstand</p></section><section><h3>When you picture teaching the perfect class, you see yourself...</h3><p>Staying true to the 8-limbed path</p><p>Reminding students there’s so much more to yoga than just the physical</p><p>Teaching the best class any of the students have ever taken</p><p>Making sure everyone gets their sweat on</p><p>Filling it chock full of students</p></section><section><h3>In your classes you will always...</h3><p>Have a killer playlist</p><p>Remind students about your upcoming classes/events</p><p>Lead a meditation</p><p>Let the energy of the class guide you</p><p>Teach a peak pose</p></section><section><h3>In 10 years, you see yourself…</h3><p>Living in a cave in the Himalayas</p><p>Mastering all Ashtanga Yoga series</p><p>Being open to wherever your dharma guides you</p><p>On the cover of Yoga Journal magazine</p><p>Opening up a chain of yoga studios and teacher training programs</p></section><section><h3>To you, yoga can best be described as…</h3><p>Your career aspiration</p><p>The best way to feel good in your body</p><p>A way to give back to your community</p><p>A way to connect with people all over the world</p><p>The union of body, mind, spirit, and the divine</p></section></div><div class="rid-load" style="background:#000 url(// no-repeat center/10%;padding-top:56%;border-radius:5px"></div></div><script src="//"></script>

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