Burnt out and uninspired, something had to change…

Like so many graduates of yoga teacher training, Stacie Tappen was eager to start teaching. And like so many, she quickly realized the frustration of working too hard, not making enough money to survive, and facing total yoga teacher burnout. Here’s how she turned it around and found abundance.

In the Beginning

After graduating from YTT in 2014, Stacie was eager to start teaching and said yes to every opportunity. She maintained her ‘other’ job while teaching classes at studios part time. At that point it was all about gaining experience.

It was scary. I was just so new at it and I felt like even though I had taken my 200 hr training, which was so in depth on the poses and history of yoga, I left there not really knowing how to move forward.”

Eventually, she took the plunge by quitting her job and upgrading her yoga teacher training in Bali. Upon returning, she started filling her schedule with yoga classes at  2 different studios in town. She quickly realized that with the class prep, driving across town, arriving early and staying after class (one studio even expected her to mop the floors) – the hours were adding up but the money wasn’t.

I worked it out I was only making not even $10 an hour. And, it’s really hard to survive in this world on that.”

She found herself frustrated, overwhelmed and starting to burnout which affected her passion and love for yoga.

“Instead of it being fun it became a frustration. I was starting (to lose the love of it). Yoga for me was such a healing practice but when I was teaching at the studios I was teaching more of a fitness type of yoga so it wasn’t my style.”

She knew something had to change. She couldn’t work this hard for such a small amount of money at a job she no longer loved. That was her ‘A-ha’ moment.

Taking  a Leap of Faith

Stacie started researching running her own business. She spent time figuring out her style and what she wanted to offer her students. Through this process, she discovered two things. 1) She was still very passionate about sharing the healing practice of yoga and, 2) There was  A LOT of information on the internet about running a business!

She was inspired but also overwhelmed by the prospect of starting a business.

“I’d taken a yoga class with Laura (Martini) in Kelowna and she was the one who inspired me to become a yoga teacher. So, when I saw that she was starting up (these business) courses, I knew I had to do it! I knew this was going to be like a golden nugget; this was going to be the make it or break it part.”  

We were thrilled that Stacie chose Manifest Your Dharma (now YTP Yoga Business Academy) to help her navigate her way to opening her business. She took the course in June 2016 and everything came together pretty quickly after that.

Around July (2016) I started renovating my basement and in September I made the shift.”

Soon after that, she was able to quit teaching classes at the studios and focus 100% on her business. With a yoga studio in the basement, a gym in the garage and a solid plan she was ready.

Gratitude and Abundance

Everyone has different ideas about what success looks like. For Stacie, it was being able to make enough money to get by, maintain a healthy life balance (with lots of time for self-care and finding inspiration for her classes) and feeling like she is truly helping people through her offering. Oh, and selling out her classes helps too.

“I’m full. I’m booked solid. I have a waiting list, actually!”

And, that old stress about making ends meet and being uninspired is gone.

“It feels good. It feels like I have inspiration to put the time into a really good class because I know I’m getting paid my worth and that’s what’s so important to me. Before it was frustration because I knew I was worth more than what I was getting paid and so it wasn’t making me happy. I shifted it for sure.”

Gone are the days of over-scheduling and making less than $10/hr. – Stacie now earns $60 – $160  per hour! And, she’s selective about how many hours she works so that she can ensure her inspiration and passion never wane again.

“I’ve learned the hard way. When I push myself to where I hit a wall, I’m not a great teacher. My self-care has to be number one if I’m going to be there for my clients and my classes.”

Stepping Fully into Her Potential

Stacie is ahead of schedule. She’s manifesting her dharma even faster than she imagined. So, she’s updating her Treasure Map, using the tools she has access to through the program and continues to invest in herself through a business mastermind group. She’s got some new ideas about growing her business digitally with a membership site for her clients where they can access her yoga nidra meditations and virtual classes even when she’s booked solid.

You can connect with her via the Yoga Teacher Prep Facebook Group or through her the Wild + Free Collective Facebook page.

Our Hearts are Full

We’re very proud of what Stacie has accomplished and feel fulfilled that the program was able to help her realize her dreams and get out of the rut she was in. We saw her struggle at times but her ambition and passion were undaunted. She used the tools and the community to keep herself motivated and we loved seeing it all take shape.

If you want to turn your yoga teaching into a fulfilling and prosperous career don’t miss your opportunity. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll reach your goals.


Photo Credit: Heather Bonker 

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