Craft Your Yoga Career with Integrity & Purpose

Transform from Yoga Teacher into Yoga Entrepreneur

Access the tools you need to create a fulfilling & profitable career.

  • Get a step-by-step plan to set and achieve your personal & business goals
  • Gain complete control over your income potential
  • Avoid costly mistakes by using proven tools and systems to stand out in a crowded market

You CAN Make a Living as a Yoga Teacher!

Every yoga teacher knows that the struggle is real. 

But, it is possible to earn a good income as a yoga teacher and truly thrive in your calling while maintaining your integrity

It took me years to figure out a system that would give me a sense of financial security without hurting my passion for teaching yoga.

This step-by-step system is now available to you so you can go from yoga teacher to yoga entrepreneur.

The courses in the YTP Yoga Business Academy will show you the path to manifesting your true dharma.  

What Past Students Say

As a new teacher, I had no idea where to begin my yoga career. I needed a business course specific to yoga teachers and after joining Yoga Teacher Prep and watching a few of Laura’s videos, I knew that the course offered at YTP was perfect for me. There are plenty of business coaches and courses available, but I didn’t want to read books and materials from someone that knew little about the yoga industry. The fact that Laura had many years experience and was willing to share her knowledge of how to approach yoga from a business perspective was perfect!

I love the videos and worksheets. I felt like Laura was alongside me; coaching me all the way with her positive, yet realistic approach to the business of yoga. The worksheets are available to print, so I was able to make myself a business binder and keep everything all in one place and quite often I refer back to my business plan to see if I’m on target or I need to change my direction.

The experience was incredible and I would highly recommend this to brand new graduates.

Jennifer Boppre

Aspen Yoga Airdrie

One of the BEST yoga teacher training courses I have ever taken! There is a wealth of information in this course, information that would have taken me years to figure out on my own. My favorite part was learning how important my core values are to achieving my career goals. I would highly recommend this course to both beginner and experienced yoga teachers, as it will provide you with your roadmap to success!

Stacie Tappen

Wild + Free Collective

It combines both business management whilst respecting the authenticity of being a yogi, 2 aspects which are not easily combined! For a person like me who knows nothing about business, it’s been extremely beneficial.

Rachel Sacharuk

My biggest challenge as a new entrepreneur was a “failure to launch”, and I felt stuck. [These courses] got me unstuck through manageable steps that gave me clarity around what my offering was, why I was offering it, and who I was offering it to. The expertise, support, and enthusiasm for my success offered by Laura (and Valerie) gave me the courage to put myself ‘out there’ with a well-defined offering for my clients. This course has already paid for itself in earnings since I graduated.

Jennifer Thompson

YTP Yoga Business Academy is the ultimate collection of programs to help you chart your unique path to a successful, sustainable career.

This monthly membership gives you access to programs that dial in your dharma, unlock what makes you unique as a teacher, design a marketing and branding plan, cultivate inspiration and balance, and find your tribe. Plus, you’ll be given the blueprint to create profitable and memorable yoga retreats. Learn as much as you want – cancel anytime.


Take a look at the programs inside the membership:

Program: Clarify Your Yoga Teacher Purpose

4 hrs.

Program: Thriving in the Modern Yoga Teacher Industry

4 hrs

Program: Marketing and Branding for Yoga Teachers

5 hrs.

Program: The Balanced Yoga Teacher

4 hrs.

Program: Cultivate Community and Build Your Tribe

4 hrs

Programs: Blueprint to a Profitable Yoga Retreat

5 hrs.

You’ll also get access to our practice studio which includes done-for-you sequences (including theme ideas), guided meditations, and classes with Laura. We update this area regularly so there’s always new inspirations and options for practicing at home. 

Here’s some of what’s in the virtual studio right now. 

Sequence: Fall Detox Flow

Meditation: Guided Meditation for Stress & Anxiety

Meditation: Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation

Meditation: Guided Meditation for Self-Doubt

Asana: Power Strength Flow

Asana: Gentle Hatha

Asana: Full Body Flow

Asana: Happy Hips


You’ll also have access to all of our Yoga Teacher Prep mini-workshops covering topics like Money Management, Self-Care, Chanting, Journaling, and more.


As our way of giving back to the many yoga teachers who are unable to work during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are make access for the first month totally FREE.

Fits into Your Schedule

We know you’re busy – in fact, that’s probably a big part of the problem. We’re about solutions. That’s why we made everything snack size. You can jump into the Yoga Business Acadamy at any time and learn on your own schedule. You can access the content anywhere you have wifi. Plus, the exercises are downloadable so you can take them with you.   

All of this and more is at your fingertips when you’re a member of YTP’s Yoga Business Academy.

Is the YTP Yoga Business Academy Right for You?

Yes, if you’re a yoga teacher working either part-time or full-time and you:

  • Want to make more money so that you can thrive instead of just survive
  • Feel overwhelmed by the work it takes to become a successful yoga entrepreneur
  • Have considered quitting teaching because you can’t quite make ends meet
  • Want a step-by-step guide to developing a fulfilling and profitable yoga career with integrity
  • Understand that investing in yourself is the best way to grow as a yoga teacher
  • Need clarity around what you want as a yoga teacher
  • Are struggling with life balance and want to stay inspired as a teacher

Or, you are signed up for YTT and want to emerge from training primed and ready to really rock your yoga teaching career. 

Also, if you’ve developed your career and want to keep it on track, these courses will serve you. 

Who’s Behind YTP Yoga Business Academy?

Laura Martini has made her living as a yoga teacher for over a decade but she can still remember the moment when she realized that being a yoga teacher meant being a yoga entrepreneur.

There was lots of fear, anxiety, and self-doubt. Not to mention the frustration of knowing where she wanted her career to go but not knowing how to get it there. 

She worked her way through the overwhelm to find success. She’s figured out how to market herself; selling out classes and retreats around the world. And, she’s learned how important it is to have a good work/life balance so that she’ll never succumb to Yoga Teacher Burnout again.

To achieve all of this, she had to create a system and a plan. And she’s now sharing all of it with ambitious yoga teachers through the YTP Yoga Business Academy.  

She believes that the world needs more yoga teachers. She hopes that by sharing her knowledge, more yoga teachers will find success so that they can enjoy fulfilling, profitable, and sustainable yoga teaching careers. 

Your Career Development Investment


If you try out the programs and don’t feel that they deliver value, simply let us know within 30 days and we’ll refund your money. We only want happy yogis!


Don’t Forget…

You also get access to all Yoga Teacher Prep Academy workshops.


Psst. Wanna save a little money? We also offer an annual membership. Click here and get 2 months free! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the price go up?

We created this membership to give our community better access to our programs. We have launched it at a low introductory rate and as we add more content, we will likely re-evaluate the value of what we have to offer within the Academy. BUT the price you sign up for will always be YOUR price for as long as you’re a member. Sign up now and we will never raise the price on you. If you wait, we can’t guarantee that this introductory price will be available.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a some-questions-asked refund to all customers within 30 days of your purchase. What does that mean? It means we’d like to fully understand where we have failed you. We will definitely refund your money but we’d ask you to do us the courtesy of letting us know how we didn’t deliver on our promise. So, if you are not satisfied, send us an email, complete our short refund survey and we will refund your purchase right away. Our goal is to provide an amazing service to a happy, thriving community.

What's the difference between a program and mini-workshop?

A program is a comprehensive, online course with multiple lessons and PDF downloads (worksheets). In any given program, you’ll find a combination of video instruction, downloadable PDFs, online references, and quizzes.

A mini-workshop is the same except shorter in length and content.

Can I download this content?

The done-for-you sequences are fully downloadable. Within the various workshops, there are several elements that you can download. We did this purposely so that you would always have a reference even if you decide to leave the Academy. However, the yoga classes, meditations and workshop videos all stream from within the Academy. You’ll be able to access them as long as you are a member in good standing, have internet access. You can watch or listen to them as many times as you like.

Is there a community?

Yes, we have a Facebook community that includes YTP Yoga Business Academy members and Yoga Teacher Prep fans. It’s an active community where you can get your questions answered by other yoga teachers. This is also a great place to ask Laura any questions you might have.

Can I join if I'm not a teacher yet?

Absolutely! Some of our most successful students were the ones who did our Yoga Business programs while they were still completing their YTT. Having said that, if you are not yet registered for your YTT, we recommend starting with Yoga Teacher Prep Academy and then upgrading to the Yoga Business Academy once you have enrolled.

Why do I have to sign up with Paypal?

PayPal is a totally secure, trusted payment system. It’s free and you can arrange to pay by credit card or debit. We selected it because it is one of the most trusted ways to shop online and we want you to have the best possible experience.

This is a subscription-based membership and we want to ensure that there is no interruption to your access. PayPal allows us to do this hassle-free.  And, you can cancel your membership at any time.

Yoga Teacher Prep is run by a very small team, we are unable to process access to the Academy without the use of PayPal.

I'm having trouble signing up.

Our system is automated and that means that sometimes things don’t work perfectly. We’re sorry for any frustration this might cause. There are two steps to the process. The first form is for setting up your login details. Next, you will be taken to a PayPal form where they will collect your payment details. After that, you should be fully set up.

One common mistake is to complete the PayPal form but not submit it. If you don’t get a confirmation email or you can’t access the content, then your registration was not completed.

PayPal is a totally secure, trusted payment system. It’s free and you can arrange to pay by credit card or debit.

If you are still having issues, please reach out to us and we will ensure that you get access!

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