Studentship is the heart or seed of effective, loving and ever-evolving instruction. The five primary qualities of Studentship: 1. EARTH: Grounded, cohesive, solid, stable, reliable, weighty. 2. WATER: Flowing, receptive, ability to shape-shift, flexibility, sensitivity, unstoppable. 3. FIRE: Alchemy, transformation, clarity, sharp, penetrating, ability to change. 4. AIR: Creativity, vision, responsiveness, curiosity. 5. SPACE: Beginners mind, expansion, unbounded, playful, all-pervading, emptiness.

Suzanne Faith Yoga represents Suzanne Faith Slocum-Gori and her yoga workshops, retreats and teacher trainings held worldwide. Through her education program, Bindu Yoga School, she offers alignment-based vinyasa teachings steeped in classical yoga traditions and enriched with modern yoga approaches and philosophies. The BYS teacher training programs are run by internationally respected teachers. 

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One of the best ways to get the most out of your yoga teacher training is to excel at being a student. I love Suzanne’s advice because it reminds me not only about how important it is to be a good student, but also how many qualities a good student must acquire to really embody studentship. I feel like this tip applies to yoga teachers who have completed their training as well; may we never forget to be students our entire lives!

xo Laura

p.s. This is Suzanne’s second tip in the 108 YTT Tips series. You can find her first one here. 


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