Allow yourself to be human. Honour your entire self, the beauty and the shadows. When we soften our expectations of ourselves, we soften our expectations of the world. When we see ourselves and others as who we truly are, without needing to fix, change, or make different, the healing happens effortlessly.

Sufey Yoga is simply an offering of Unconditional Love. Through play, intimacy and deep vulnerability, Sufey cultivates teachers who are kind, authentic, connected and joyful. Join her love tribe in Bali, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Maui or Florida!

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I’ve found that so many students put way too much pressure on themselves in yoga school. It is important to note that we as yoga teacher trainers are not looking for perfection, we simply want to encourage growth and loving compassion. So, if you make mistakes along the way, know that it’s ok! The real work is learning how to be accepting with ourselves and others however we show up.

xo Laura

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