Set an intention of being curious, vulnerable and open to what you will learn about yourself. Take every opportunity to learn something about who you are and give yourself space to feel compassion and interest at what you will discover.

Steph offers Vinyasa-based yoga teacher training through The Kali Collective. The intention of this training is to provide a yogic path towards conscious, mindful living through the creativity and expression of vinyasa yoga.  By staying humble, grounded and deeply devoted to understanding ourselves and the teachings of yoga, we receive the vast, rich offerings that this ancient tradition has to teach us. 

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I love this tip because it reminds us to hold ourselves tenderly like we would a child. Yoga teacher training can be difficult because it challenges us to question who we are and what we stand for. However, if we can move through our training with compassion, even when what is coming up for us is unpleasant, we can truly open ourselves up to transformation.

xo Laura

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