Fall in love with your teacher first. Everything you learn will be through their lens. Make sure you feel aligned with who they are on and off the mat.

Steph offers Vinyasa-based yoga teacher training through The Kali Collective. The intention of this training is to provide a yogic path towards conscious, mindful living through the creativity and expression of vinyasa yoga.  By staying humble, grounded and deeply devoted to understanding ourselves and the teachings of yoga, we receive the vast, rich offerings that this ancient tradition has to teach us. 



It’s really important that whoever is leading your YTT really resonates with you. Like Steph, I highly recommend getting to know them before you jump into a training program with them. You will be more open to their teachings if the way they live their life both on and off their mat is admirable to you.

xo Laura

p.s. Steph contributed another tip to the 108 YTT Tips project. Check it out here. 


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