Announcing 30 Days of Yogi Wisdom

I don’t know about you, but my social media feeds are clogged with ‘inspirational yoga memes’. There are moments when they are, yes, inspiring but most of the time the quotes used are recycled 400 times and (just like that game ‘telephone’ we all played as kids), the message is watered down, misinterpreted and sometimes even attributed to the wrong person! I’ve seen Gandhi quotes taken completely out of context. Opposing quotes from the Bible. And countless basic quotes like “live, love, laugh” slapped onto a photo of a bendy body on yoga Pinterest boards.
To be fair, there are worse offenses. Misquoting a yogi isn’t exactly an epic error. But in an industry with so much noise, we wanted to provide you with some seriously legit inspiration to keep you amped on your yoga practice this summer. Slipping a little on our practice during the summer is understandable considering holidays, kids out of school and so much more socializing. Even when we’re hitting the mat as much, we can still stay connected to our yoga lifestyle by thinking yoga. That’s why we decided to do this (plus, when we asked you all how we could help – this is what you picked!)
For 30 days we’ll be supplying you with 100% accurate quotes from yogis who have devoted their lives to the practice. We’ve included world-renowned swamis and gurus from the past and present. I promise these quotes will make you stop and really think about yoga and your role on this planet. Each quote will be accompanied by my thoughts on the concept via blog post. Plus, we’ve put them on pretty pictures of nature to help get you into the meditative mental state (and  also catch your eye on our social media feeds 😉 ).
I’ve handpicked these quotes from a diverse group of yogis from many traditions as well as the extensive work of the great yogi scholar, Georg Feuerstein. I hope you enjoy the quotes and that they inspire you to maintain your passion of yoga throughout the crazy heat of summer. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about these quotes too. Make sure you join our Facebook Group to be a part of the conversation (oh, and a sweet contest too…).

It all kicks off on July 25th, 2016 and runs for 30 day. Join our FB group or follow #yogiwisdom on Twitter so you never miss a quote.

Let’s finish this summer off with a heaping helping of inspiration and yoga-vation.

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