30 Days of Yogi Wisdom – Day 30(!) by Sri Ananda Acharya

yoga quote by Sri Ananda Acharya

“Be enthusiastic about the nobleness of every man and every thing will become noble.”

Our quotes from the 30 Days of Yogi Wisdom project often remind me of advice we give to parents of young children. This quote is no exception. I think of my friends who do their best to nurture the good in their kids by re-enforcing good behavior rather than shaming their children for bad behavior. I think about inspirational memes encouraging people to ‘see the good in everyone’. And I think about how when I’ve taken on the practice of saying only good things about people, I feel better myself. I feel happier and more joyful.

I think that when we encourage our brains to view the people in our life in a brighter light, the brain, through habit, gets wired to do just that. It starts to automatically view the sweetness in every person and every situation before we even have to ask it to. If we inject enthusiasm into this equation, it’s easy to see that this outcome increases; that we start to automatically find the ‘nobleness’ much quicker than had we been less enthusiastic about the whole practice.

Like so many of the quotes we’ve featured this month, after really thinking about it I can’t help but feel like if we as a culture really took this quote to heart the world would be SUCH a better place. Realizing this makes me think about how I could incorporate this enthusiasm into my world-view. It also makes me think about how great it would be to befriend someone who took this quote to heart.

Did you enjoy the 30 Days of Yogi Wisdom? Which piece of wisdom resonate the most with you? We’d love to hear your thoughts in our Facebook Group.

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