30 Days of Yogi Wisdom – Day 8 featuring Brahma-Bindu-Upanishad

yoga quote by Brahma-Bindu-Upanishad

“Like butter hidden in milk, wisdom dwells in all living beings. With the mind as the churning rod, one should ever churn out wisdom from within oneself.”

I once had a yoga teacher who, at the time, I thought was a little froo-froo (is that even an expression?). He was always talking about inner wisdom and how we should tune into it because our inner wisdom is super smart. I was hardly receptive to this advice but looking back now, his advice was terribly valuable. Sometimes it’s like our minds take over and make a mess of every decision, every situation, every interaction. We overthink everything and add meaning to things that don’t require meaning added. Do you know what happens to over-churned butter? Too much thinking can render a cohesive thought into a giant mess.

As the Brahma-Bindu-Upanishad explains, we must use our minds and trust that wisdom lies within us. It lies within the cells of our bodies. Our job is to learn how to tap into that knowledge. We must learn to pause, be still, and pay attention because deep down, we already have the answers we’ve been searching for.

This might feel like it contradicts western thinking that tells us to seek wisdom in schools. That it’s held by a select few and we should accept their knowledge as our own. And, when we figure something out for ourselves, we might be asked to prove it’s valid by showing that someone else also thinks this. Only then, can we acquire ‘wisdom’ in our western society. Let’s take this quote to heart and learn to trust our ability to innately know things. To let our minds churn the butter (without over churning it) and not count on other minds to do the work.

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