The yogis have always known…Sankalpa is key


New Age spirituality is all about the power of manifestation. Once the book/movie, ‘The Secret’ came out it, serious mind-energy manipulations became a part of daily conversations, company cultures and even education systems. It was no longer too woo to talk about manifestation techniques in public, and intention-setting became mainstream.


The truth is, the yogis have always known about this mind magic. They are deeply aware of the science of the subtle body and incorporate intention-setting work into everything from asana practice to mantra meditation. They even have a word for it: Sankalpa. A sankalpa can be translated as an intention that forces your mental energies, with the help of nature, towards a specific end.


A sankalpa is a resolve and the importance of developing sankalpas on the path to our dharma is paramount. This is illustrated in the Bhagavad Gita which states, “For those who lack resolve (sankalpa), the decisions of life are many-branched and endless.” Our intentions direct our energy out into the universe so in order for us to make the universe work in our favour, we must make our intentions clear.


So, how do you set a sankalpa? The trick lies in repetition. Once you determine a goal/intention/feeling you want to achieve, you must repeat this to yourself throughout the course of your day, every day, in order for the stars to align. It is this single-pointed focus that makes the universe shift to accommodate your desires.


We know setting intentions WORKS because people have been practicing this technique of manifestation for hundreds of years. So what’s stopping you? I encourage you to take this practice to heart and truly give it a shot. I have used intention to cultivate security, career success and even money. And every time, it has worked.


Happy Manifesting!

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