Yoga is not theoretical. Don’t just parrot what you’ve read or heard. Of course a good teacher training contains a ton of theory—anatomy, physiology, philosophy, etc.—and so it should. But to truly understand the theory, you have to deeply know your own body. Your own practice is your greatest teaching tool.

Liz and Roland’s teaching is infused with fierce love, laughter, a serious dedication to understanding body mechanics, and deep respect for the wisdom of yoga. They teach workshops, retreats and teacher trainings internationally. They are the founders of The Groove Yoga Festival.



The best yoga teachers are the ones that teach from their own inner wisdom and experience. Roland reminds us to take what we learn in a YTT with a grain of salt as teaching from our own bodies and learnings can be so much more powerful. I love this tip and although my first YTT was nearly ten years ago, I spend time each week going over my yoga sequences and themes in my own body before presenting them in front of a class.

xo Laura
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