Teach from your experience and be honest about it. As a teacher, you will have challenges in your life and hopefully ways of getting yourself over them. Those experiences create your teachings. You hurt yourself doing challenging Asanas, share that experience. You have a hard time getting your practice going, share the ways you found to overcome it. Don‘t try to look perfect for your students, they will notice, just be yourself and encourage them to be themselves as well.

Robert teaches functional yoga at The Dude Experience Yoga (it stands for Doing Understanding Describing Evolving). He holds classes and workshops in Morocco and Frankfurt, Germany.  


In yoga school we are taught the “right” way to do yoga postures and the “right” way to lead a yogic life but rarely are we able to embody these qualities instantly. Your journey on this path is what will inspire your students. Don’t be afraid to admit your challenges and faults – these aspects will make you more relatable to your students and it will feel better to teach from this space of authenticity rather than pretending to always have your life completely together (I mean, who really does??).

xo Laura

This is Robert’s second tip in the 108 YTT Tips series. Check out his first one here.


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