Not noticing anything is also noticing something. As a Yoga Teacher you know what sensations can arise from certain Asanas, but let the student find out. Guide them towards those sensations, but do not tell them what to feel. Some people have a hard time focussing on their sensations. Realizing that can be the first step on a yogic path. Let them have their experience.

As a full time Yoga Teacher since 2012 I had the pleasure to teach Yoga in Gyms, Schools and my own little Studio in the area of Frankfurt, Germany. At the moment I am teaching my “Dude-Yoga“ in Morocco, the name comes from the four steps of learning I found in my personal life experience: Doing, Understanding, Describing and Evolving.



Whether practicing or teaching yoga, mindfulness is equally important. Robert’s tip reminds us as teachers to tune in to the subtleties. When learning how to teach yoga, it can be easy to fall into the trap of telling the students how to get where they want to go. But, like the old cliche about teaching a man to fish rather than giving him a fish goes, it is our role as teachers to be guides and lead our students through an experiential practice where they have the opportunity to explore and feel what they feel.

xo Laura

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