Incense & ointments & bells that go ding…
these are a few of my favourite things.

When you’re getting into something new, just like going to school, having the right equipment is so important. Here are some of the things I value that can help start you off on the right foot.  I carefully curated these recommendations, in other words, I really love this stuff and I know you will too.

Tiny Devotions Mala

Yoga Sequencing: Designing Transformative Yoga Classes by Mark Stephens

Mark Stephens’ book on sequencing is one of the BEST and foremost references on sequencing yoga classes that is available. It is comprehensive and the type of book you can refer to throughout your yoga teaching career. It has been around for a long time but, I think, still stands alone as the best place to get insight on how to structure your classes.

Neulotus – Bolster

Finally a brand new yoga prop that you can take on your travels! I love to practice yoga all over the world but the idea of a bolster or block taking up precious space in my backpack is enough to force me to abandon any romantic notion of meditating in front of the ocean during sunset. Enter the Neulotus: a compact, foamy, multi-use tool for yogis and meditators alike. Use this for a destination yoga teacher training, yoga retreat, or everyday in your home practice.

Tiny Devotions Mala

Tiny Devotions – ‘Third Eye’ Mala

I love the malas created by Canadian company, Tiny Devotions.  Reason being, they usually include healing crystals as part of the design.  So, I feel like their malas have double the potency!  For future yoga teachers, I’ve custom picked the “Third Eye Mala” because the Lapis awakens your intuition and inner wisdom which is important when entering into and participating in a yoga teacher training program.  The stones in this mala are also healing and calming so you will be fully set up for success in yoga school.

The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte

Pour yourself a glass of wine, light a candle, grab a pen, and go to town on this workbook. It’s impossible to open this guided journal and not feel instantly uplifted and inspired. Prepare to hash out all kinds of goodness, set goals, and get clear on your desires. Laporte wants you to really lock down how you “want to feel” so you can create clarity around your dharma (purpose). You can also do it on the weekly or daily with one of these Desire Map Planners.

The Manduka Pro Mat

This is one serious yoga mat. Durable, hefty, and boasting a lifetime warranty. This is the mat I teach from every single day. I love the thickness because it provides just enough padding for my knees without throwing off my balance in the standing postures. This mat also has no scent (unlike several of their competitors’ mats!).

PawPaw Ointment

This is the yogi version of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. Put this shit on everything. A traditional Australian remedy, this gel consists of fermented papaya and does wonders for the skin. I use it as lip chap (even better than Burt’s!), dry skin salve, and on small cuts. Whenever I travel, this natural wonder always comes with me.

Nag Champa

Beware of imitators! This is THE incense. Straight out of India, there is no incense that smells better, burns cleaner, or evokes that traditional yogic je ne sais quoi. Whether you want to set the mood in your studio or your house, no smell screams yoga more than Nag Champa.

Music by Deva Premal

Now that yoga is trendy and you are just as likely to take a yoga class and hear the Biebs as you are to hear some sacred mantra, we seem to have forgotten how beautiful traditional chanting and yogic music really is. To me, Deva Premal is the quintessence of this beauty. I stumbled across her smooth voice when I first began practicing 10 years ago and to this day, listening to her sing in Sanskrit is like going home. Allow the vibration of the sounds to wash over you and let these songs take you to a state of deep meditation.

Essential Oil Starter Kit

Diffuse them in class, dilute them in water to sanitize your mats, rub them on the neck of your students in savasana, and rub them on your feet to ward off sickness! As you go deeper into your yoga practice and start to embrace it as a lifestyle rather than just as a physical practice, you’ll likely find yourself leaning towards more natural remedies. An essential oil starter pack is a great way to begin to explore this lifestyle.

These are my honest recommendations but I also want you to know that some of these are affiliate links. We appreciate you using these links if you choose to purchase as we may make a small commission. Your support of YTP is met with gratitude.

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