That time I almost quit teaching yoga for good…

I remember the moment like it was yesterday.

All through yoga teacher training and my first year of teaching I was so excited to share yoga with my students. It didn’t feel like work, it was rewarding, and it energized me. Then, one day, I just didn’t feel like teaching at all. It felt like I was just teaching the same thing over and over again. I didn’t feel like I had anything to offer and that other instructors were better than me. I was annoyed by my students. My own practice was stale. And I was suddenly seriously considering other avenues of work.

Fortunately, in a last ditch effort, I had the insight to share how I was feeling with a senior teacher in my community who shared with me that all of these feelings were NORMAL! She reminded me that my presence as a yoga teacher was essential to the betterment of my community. I was making a difference as a yoga teacher, I just needed a little bit of fire under my butt. She recommended a little weekend workshop out of town as a way to re-ignite the fire. It worked. I came home 100% excited and as inspired to teach as I was the day I decided to become a yoga teacher.

Over the last ten years of teaching, I’ve felt these dull feelings of lethargy and staleness creep up on me again and again. Now, every time I feel the hint of them coming on, I recharge with some form of inspiration. I’ve discovered that staying inspired truly is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. It’s my lifeblood as a happy and powerful yoga teacher. To me, inspiration is more important than clean dishes; yes, I will take time to find inspiration before I actually take time to wash my dishes! It’s that important!

Finding Infinite Inspiration

Since I started teaching I’ve learned the avenues of inspiration that are the most effective. I’m excited to share these with you in our 7 Day Inspired Yoga Teacher Challenge – created specifically for yoga teachers like you. 🙂 Each day we will send you an email and prompt you to take a maximum of 20 minutes to explore an avenue of inspiration that is proven as an effective way to get you excited about teaching again. We encourage you to share your experiences in our Facebook group and read what others had to say as well. There is nothing better than sharing with like-minded people!

You will leave this challenge feeling lit-up and with some new tools in your back pocket to return to anytime you feel low or lacking in passion about your career! Even if you don’t feel the need for inspiration right now, these techniques will come in handy for that day you do wake up and wonder, ‘why am I doing this?’

May you be forever inspired and continue to share your love for yoga with your students ❤

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