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Practice self-love rather than self improvement. The teachings of Yoga provide us with insights on how to connect deeper with ourselves however, it can be easy to get lost in our pursuit for enlightenment. Remember to love who you are now rather than the person you are striving to be! It is though love you will find that inner knowing and connect to the living guru inside of you.

Training with Reanna is intended to help ‘wake you up’ to the powerful, wonderful, amazing soul that you are. To inspire in you the confidence and self-love you have always felt, but were maybe afraid to unleash. “If you are ready to step into your own greatness, this training is for you.” 

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One of the primary teachings of yoga is that we are all divine and perfect just the way we are and one of our greatest obstacles is the ignorance of this fact. Rather than constantly searching for ways to ‘perfect’ ourselves, Reanna reminds us that the most important way to develop our practice/self is to practice self-love. I remind myself of this every day because, well, in a culture where we are constantly being told we’re not enough, it is easy to forget.

xo Laura

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