Learn to love the stillness. Just like the pause between your breath and the silence between the beats of your heart, it is in the stillness that the most transformation takes place. Doing simply satisfies the mind. Practice being, rather than doing; for it is always the being that will lead you exactly where you are meant to be.

Training with Reanna is intended to help ‘wake you up’ to the powerful, wonderful, amazing soul that you are. To inspire in you the confidence and self-love you have always felt, but were maybe afraid to unleash. “If you are ready to step into your own greatness, this training is for you.” 



I love this tip because it encourages us to value what is so frequently discouraged in our culture: doing nothing. Yoga encourages us to pay attention to the magic that occurs when we’re still. This is when we can find peace and align with our inner wisdom. There is so much value in these moments of quiet especially in a society that glorifies ‘busy’.

xo Laura

p.s. This is Reanna’s second tip in the 108 YTT Tips series. See her first one here.


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