Your Blueprint to a Successful Yoga Retreat

In this Online Program You’ll Learn How To:

  • Effectively Research, Price and Set Up Your Retreat
  • Strategically Market and Advertise a Sell-Out Retreat
  • Host a Rewarding Experience that Students Love

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Craft Memorable Yoga Retreats

There are a lot of steps to creating a profitable yoga retreat.

One missed step and your retreat could be a total bust. Imagine putting in months of hard work planning your retreat and nobody signs up. You might be left with the bill for a non-refundable deposit. Or, you might arrive at your retreat center only to discover that nothing is as it was promised and your guests are all complaining. Don’t run the risk of what were once potential repeat guests slamming your business on their social media accounts!

A bad yoga retreat can do a lot of damage to your reputation and bank account.

That’s why I took all of the lessons I learned hosting over 40 retreats around the world to create this ultimate guide to hosting a successful yoga retreat.


You arrive at your tropical destination and survey the beautiful grounds that will host your retreat. You have the day to ensure every last detail is in order for your sold out event.

Your guests arrive smiling and looking forward to their week with you. Everything is just as they expected; the accommodations are comfortable, the food is nutritious and tasty, the setting is serene, the activities are well organized and your yoga classes are inspired.

As the week continues, you hear people lamenting the end, already talking with their new found friends about how they’ll meet again at your next retreat offering.

On the last day, tears are shed as everyone says their goodbyes. Each student comes to thank you, looking you deep in the eye so you can fully see their gratitude. 

You take a moment to realize that your success and profit are not the greatest reward of this experience. Not by a long shot. 

Seems like an impossible dream, right? A unicorn of retreat experiences.

But it’s not. When you know how to plan and what to expect, your retreat hosting experience could be just like this.

Who is this Right For?

This program is right for you if you:

      • Are a yoga teacher and want to host your own retreats
      • Have hosted retreats and want your future retreats to be even better
      • Want to use yoga teaching as a way to see the world
      • Have been teaching for a little while and already have dedicated students
      • Want to ensure that all of your efforts don’t result in you losing money
      • Want to host local retreats or day workshops 
      • Like to learn online at your own pace (and be able to refer back at anytime)

You might not be ready for this program if you are not already a yoga teacher as we do recommend that you have some experience as a teacher and a bit of a following before hosting your own retreat.


Here’s What’s Included in the Creating a Profitable Yoga Retreat program:

This comprehensive online program includes:

      • 3 videos packed with the information you need to run a successful yoga retreat
      • Examples of documents you’ll need to create everytime you host a retreat
      • Our exclusive Retreat Price Calculator to ensure you fully understand your costs and price your retreat right
      • Lifetime access to the program
      • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Complete this program within 30 days and if you don’t see the value in it, we’ll refund your money.

Think of the time you’ll save, the frustration you’ll avoid and the return you’ll see when you host a yoga retreat that is well planned and loved by every guest. We truly believe that you will earn this investment back in your next yoga retreat offering.

Prices in $USD

Who’s Laura Martini?

yoga retreat leader

Laura Martini has made her living as a yoga teacher for over a decade and has been hosting yoga retreats for the past 7 years. She always knew she wanted to host retreats because she loves to travel and she saw it as a way to experience other cultures.

Her retreat hosting experience runs the gambit from back-to-back week long retreats in exotic locales to weekend Vino and Vinyasa retreats in her hometown. Her retreats routinely sell out and she’s happy to be sharing her secrets to other yoga teachers.

When she’s not running retreats, Laura teaches a combination of classes and private clients. She’s the co-founder of Yoga Teacher Prep – a passion project she started to help support yoga teachers have more fulfilling careers and balanced lives. 

Still not sure? Talk to us. Ask us anything. We’re here to serve.

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