Immerse yourself in the community and culture of the TT school that you plan to train with. Beyond the physical and philosophical teachings in any 200 HR training there exists a unique culture and community around the studio or teacher that has created the offering. It has been my experience that those who immerse themselves in the culture and community of our studio have a good sense of what to expect form TT. They also have access to speaking to former graduates and witnessing the ongoing learning and transformation of those grads first hand. By becoming a part of the community you will have a good sense of whether the training is in alignment with what matters most to you and a whole lot of support, mentorship and guidance along the way!

Shift Power Yoga uses the tools of Baptiste yoga to take you on a life changing journey. Through meditation, asana and inquiry they guide you to discover what’s possible on and off your mat. They’re committed to creating leaders who stand in their truth and teach and live from a place of authenticity, generosity and empowerment.

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You will get the most out of your YTT if you allow yourself to be fully immersed in every aspect of it, including the community surrounding the school. This will make it easier for you to absorb the teachings and your teacher training school will truly appreciate your efforts. Don’t overlook the power of community as you will learn just as much from the group you’re taking your YTT with as you will from your actual teacher.

xo Laura

p.s. This is the second tip from Pam in the 108 YTT Tips series. Check out her first one here. 


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