30 Days of Yogi Wisdom – Day 20 featuring T. Krishnamacharya

yoga quote by T. Krishnamacharya

“No one is wise by birth, for wisdom results from one own’s efforts.”


We are all born the same wriggling little infants completely equal to each other. It is only through our conditioning and the way we are raised to experience the world that we all begin to recognize each other’s separateness and develop uniqueness. As we grow, we are given different opportunities dependent on our circumstances that set us apart from each other however, as Krishnamacharya points out, we can’t deny that we weren’t all helpless infants at one point in time.

I like that through this quote Krishnamacharya encourages us to take responsibility for our own wisdom. That we should forgo our claims as victims of circumstance and instead recognize that we have the power to choose our destiny. He tells us that we have full control over our wisdom and the quantity of it. This quote is also a reminder that wisdom is not gifted to us. If we want to be wise, it requires effort on our part. It also requires us to be humble. To accept that we don’t know everything – in fact that there is always more for us to learn in order to be wise. Once we accept this knowledge – that we are not born wise and that gaining wisdom is a constant effort, then we are on our way to wisdom.

Although it may take work to achieve it, the choice is ultimately ours. This knowledge gives us absolutely no excuses; we can’t simply pretend to be powerless anymore when Krishnamacharya straight up tells us that the effort we put in is precisely how much quality we’ll get out.

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