The Power of Eagerly Learning and Listening

I completed my yoga teacher training in 2016 and have been teaching several times a week for just over a year now. I currently teach 10 classes a week, which feels in balance for right now.

It took me a few months to pluck up the courage but when my first teaching job came around my intuition was go for it! That’s how I have pretty much felt when the right opportunities came around, that sense of this feels right.

My first studio was a perfect stepping stone into the world of teaching yoga. A small friendly studio, where the students feel like family.  It was a great way to find my feet and confidence in teaching in a relaxed environment. I very much enjoy the smaller classes, as I love the heightened connection with the students it brings. Watching people on their own yoga journey makes me so happy!

For a while before I applied for my ytt I knew the direction I wanted to take it. I had this idea of using yoga to not only teach but also to help heal or to be used as a therapy. I knew my core values and goals and wanted my yoga teaching to align with them.

Funnily enough, once I planted this seed within myself (a few years ago) its seems that the journey to fruition has be fairly natural. I manifested it without even realizing!

I currently work for 2 studios in downtown Kelowna and sub at another one. There have been a couple of private lessons along the way too. I have been very fortunate as to where I have been teaching and each opportunity has come along at just the right time!

I kept up my inspiration and ambition by applying to a yoga therapy course as soon as I completed my ytt. The ongoing learning and being taught by some of the most amazing teachers have been huge inspirations. I am literally blown away by each module I take from both yoga instructors and Physiotherapists.

I am over halfway through the 1000 hr course and I am lucky to be able to teach lovely students at truly special places. I have also been blessed with help from my teachers along the way.

I am so grateful for each experience.

Rachel Sacharuk comes from a nursing background which is one of the reasons she cares passionately about alignment during asana practice. She encourages her students to mindfully create space within their body to strengthen and heal wherever needed.  “I am dedicated to guiding a person to truly connect to their own personal yoga practice whether it be internal, external, on or off the mat. Yoga is absolutely for everyone,” says Rachel.

She teaches at Solstice Yoga and Ekahi Center in Kelowna, BC, Canada

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Rachel for sharing her story and inspirations. If you’d like to share your yoga teacher journey with us, please see our Contributor Guidelines.

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