Set Yourself Apart


In this Online Program You’ll Learn How To:

  • Tap into what makes you uniquely you
  • Develop a personal brand to set yourself apart
  • Determine who is most likely to love your offer
  • Market your offering in your community and online

Being a Great Yoga Teacher is Just Step One


Being a great yoga teacher doesn’t matter if nobody knows how great you are. That’s where marketing and branding come in.

Thanks to social media, it’s never been easier to get the word out about what you have to offer the world. And it’s never been harder for that message to be heard. More and louder just doesn’t work – especially if you still want to have time to teach and practice.

If you want to share your offering with more students, you need to dial in what makes that offering special, who will love what you do the most and how to tell them all about it.

That’s what this marketing and branding course will help you do.


Knowing exactly what makes you unique as a yoga teacher and how to shine in that uniqueness.

Attracting the kind of students who will embrace what you’re doing with their whole heart – and spread the word

Owning your social media strategy so that the time you spend marketing yourself delivers results

Being able to develop new classes and offerings with confidence because you know how to market them

Living in your authentic self as a yoga teacher and crafting every new offer around that truth

Who is this Right For?

This program is right for you if you:

      • Are a yoga teacher and want to stand out in your market
      • Aren’t sure how to define yourself or your personal brand
      • Want to use digital marketing and social media more efficiently
      • Understand marketing is powerful but you don’t know where to start
      • Know what you have to offer could be more successful if only people knew about it
      • Have goals as a yoga teacher but don’t know how to achieve them
      • Want to be more confident in your offering and your ability to earn a living
      • Like to learn online at your own pace (and be able to refer back at anytime)

This program may not be right for you if you believe yoga teachers shouldn’t have to market themselves or you don’t want to do any extra work to attract more students. This program is for yoga instructors who want to build their brand and attract more students consistently to their offering.

Here’s What’s Included in the Marketing & Branding for Yoga Teachers program:


7-Page Workbook

The Intentional Manifestation Dreamsheets booklet is a downloadable document to help you craft your personal brand and create a marketing strategy.

Email Support

Any questions you have as you navigate the program are answered by Laura or her team. Need a bit of support? We got you!


Video Instruction

Laura Martini shares everything you need to know about developing a brand, understanding your niche and ideal client. Plus she provides tips on digital marketing & creative marketing.

Lifetime Access

Your access to the program does not expire. This is the perfect course to revisit whenever your marketing or branding need a refresh!


Additional Resources

Throughout the course, you’ll get additional PDF downloads and references to help you understand personal branding and marketing. This includes style guides and templates.

30-Day Guarantee

If, after completing the program, you do not feel it has value, we will refund your money within 30 days of your purchase.

Prices in $USD

Who’s Laura Martini?

Laura Martini
Laura Martini has made her living as a yoga teacher for over a decade.  It took her a little while to figure out that she couldn’t be all things to all people – even though she really wanted to be. 

Instead, she discovered what made her unique in the industry and learned to focus her offerings on celebrating that – targeting the people who would most likely love what she had to offer.

This shift in her approach was a revelation – she attracted more students with less effort and frustration. All because she knew who she was, what she had to offer and who (and where) to offer it. That’s what she brings to this program – all of that learning plus some of the support she wishes she’d had.

In 2015, she started to develop Yoga Teacher Prep. A big part of her drive to do that was to help yoga teachers who are stuck where she was. And, to see more yoga teachers prosper and thrive. 

Now, when she’s not actively supporting the Yoga Teacher Prep community, she continues to teach a combination of classes and private clients. She also leads a variety of yoga retreats and yoga teacher training programs, both close to home and in the far corners of the globe. 

Still not sure? Talk to us. Ask us anything. We’re here to serve.

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