My Manifested Puppy Disagrees

Guys, I had ALWAYS been a skeptic of manifestation. I remember when I signed up for yoga teacher training and my mom was SO confused because she knew how closed-off I was to believing anything I couldn’t see or touch. Flash forward ten years later and I still struggle with anything esoteric (but I’m way more open now than I was!)
Don’t get me wrong, I totally believe in the power of manifestation, it’s just that sometimes, my old self bubbles back up and I start to doubt. This is not what you want as a manifestor or as someone who teaches yoga instructors about the ancient yogic belief system of the body and energy. Even with past manifesting success and my understanding of its deep roots in the yoga world, I sometimes slip back to my default of doubt. That’s where I’ve been lately (without even knowing it).
And then it happened. I started manifesting again and I mean really manifesting (without even knowing it).
First it was a puppy. There were none left in the litter and then I listened to a podcast on manifesting abundance, thought about the puppy, and got an email out of the blue that one of the puppies had been returned because the owner discovered they had allergies. That’s Alfie in the picture. 😉
Then it was a latte. I’d run out of time to pick up a coffee on my lunch break during YTT and a free coffee truck rolls up seriously 20 feet from where I’m teaching a few minutes after lunch break is over. A few other things happened to really call my attention and I was like, ‘Fine, universe. I get it.’
Big or small, the things we think about and desire with intention, can come to be.
This past weekend I led a Vino & Vinyasa Retreat and had a student attend who had come on one of my other retreats just recently. She pulled me aside at one of the wineries and showed me a photo of a dreamboard she had made twenty years ago. Nearly all of the images on the board she had actually made happen over the course of the years, including two cars, a gourmet kitchen, yoga in Bali (with me!), and a handsome partner. She saw her dreamboard every day and subconsciously manifested the shit out of that board so that every image had become a reality.
I don’t need any more tangible proof. This stuff works. A little while ago I created a course for our Yoga Teacher Prep Academy entitled ‘Envisioning Bliss‘. Within the course, I teach you how to create your very own dreamboard. When I was creating the course, I went through the motions and created a brand new dreamboard for myself. Here’s the thing – I left it in an area of my home that I never see. So this morning, I dusted it off and put it in my bedroom. And you know what? I’ve already manifested a few of the images on the board (without having any idea that I was doing just it!). Now that I can see the board every day and I’m reminded how powerful manifestation can be.

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