Anyone can be a performer, standing in front of others and telling them what to do. It’s learning how to become a teacher that changes that.

Mandy is a yoga teacher, model and healthy food blogger based in Los Angeles. No relation to Laura Martini – the two Martini’s actually met each other on Instagram! 



When push comes to shove, just because you’re strong and flexible and find the yoga postures easier to get into than other people do doesn’t mean you’ll be a great teacher. Like Mandy says, you’re ability to be ‘good’ at yoga hardly prepares you to be good at teaching yoga. Nevertheless, if you really allow yourself to be excited about teaching and you apply yourself to your training, there is no doubt in my mind that absolutely anyone can become an excellent yoga teacher.

xo Laura

p.s. Mandy has contributed to the 108 YTT Tips series before. Check it out.


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