Your gut feeling is your highest sense. Don’t overthink it. Don’t wait till you’re ready to start. (You will never be ready.) The teacher training that arrives at the right place at the right time is the right training for you. The most precious skills of a great teacher are intuition and the ability to trust the process.

Liz and Roland’s teaching is infused with fierce love, laughter, a serious dedication to understanding body mechanics, and deep respect for the wisdom of yoga. They teach workshops, retreats and in teacher trainings internationally, and are founders of The Groove Yoga Festival.

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Your gut, your intuition, your inner wisdom or whatever you like to call it, ultimately should be what makes your decision about taking a yoga teacher training. Why? Because your brain has a way of over-analyzing. I like this reminder from Liz because I’ve seen too many students question if yoga teacher training is right for them for too long. At some point, you just have to stop reasoning, take a deep breath, and trust that deep inside you already know the answer.

xo Laura

p.s. Liz has contributed two tips to the 108 YTT Tips series. See her first one here.



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