Make the quality of your presence and connection with students a priority.

Kamala offers RTY 200 level trainings in the Okanagan with immersive and extended options. The program is alignment based Hatha Yoga and incorporates thorough study of yoga philosophy. 


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Your interaction and connection with students is so important. I love Kamala’s tip because I feel it applies to your experience both in a teacher training program, and after you complete your training and are teaching. The other students you do your teacher training with will become like family; due to the depth of personal development that often occurs in a YTT program. You may grow very close to this group of people by sharing personal stories and being in such an intimate environment with them. Lean on them and support them. After you complete your YTT, your students will remember your personal interactions with them more than they will remember the nature of the classes you teach. Be present with them and remember they are your guests.

xo Laura

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