Exclusively for our Facebook Group Members!

We’ve been growing our closed Facebook Group for a few months now and we want to thank our members for participating by giving away a beautiful deck of intention cards.

Our Facebook Group was created as a place for new and future yoga teachers to gather and discuss the challenges they are facing as well as get some yoga inspiration. It’s a positive, supportive and non-judgmental group that we hope will continue to shape itself into what the community needs of it. Like a true sangha, we are merely the facilitators – this is your group.

The Intention Deck by Tiny Devotions contains 54 cards that are each a reminder that you are limitless, powerful and wise. These are a daily reminder of your awesomeness. That’s exactly how we hope being in the group will make you feel.

Everyone who is a member of our group on August 25th at midnight will be entered into the draw to win the Intention Deck.

Join the group today to be a part of our community and for your chance to win.


See our rules and regulations here.


featured images credit: tiny devotions

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