What I discovered leading my first YTT

After ten years of work on my mat, I had the opportunity to co-lead my first ever yoga teacher training program this past fall. I was so excited as I knew it would be a huge opportunity for me to step into the next stage of my dharma (purpose). I didn’t know it was going to be so challenging.  

The week leading up to the start of the training I was blessed with messages from nearly all of the students asking questions like, “how much yoga should I be doing?”, “should I eat before or after we practice?”, “what should I bring?” and “are there any books I should be reading?”. I didn’t expect the students to have so much uncertainty! I had forgotten what it felt like. I’d forgotten how unsure I was when I first started.

I also noticed that some students didn’t think they were “good enough” at yoga to be a teacher. That feeling is so common and, in my opinion, important. When we’re humble we’re in the best place to receive knowledge, be present in our training and, through our doubt, gain confidence and self-acceptance. Yoga teacher training isn’t just about learning the asanas, it’s an evolution of self.

I realized teaching this training that in the time that has passed since I first took a YTT, I’d forgotten how intense physically and spiritually training can really be. And teaching it was just as gruelling and rewarding.
So, if you’re heading into YTT, remember that everyone is in it together and your teacher has been there too!  Don’t be afraid to ask them for clarification or extra study time.  We as teacher trainers are chock full of compassion and we want you to succeed! 

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