Blogging for Yoga Instructors

As yoga teachers, there are so many ways we can market our classes, workshops, retreats and other offerings. From social media savvy-ness to in-person interactions, we could seriously spend all day encouraging the world to sign up for all we have to offer. Now I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t have the time to do this much work! Especially if I’m actually going to have time to teach those classes, workshops and retreats. So, over the years, I’ve explored different forms of marketing and ways to express my message efficiently. Blogging has by far been one of the most effective and enjoyable avenues. Here’s why:

1) Improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

If you have a blog on your yoga teacher website, uploading new content on a consistent basis will help to improve your search engine ranking. This means that your website will appear closer to the top of the list when people google your topic. Yay! But, those search engines are pretty smart about how they rank your blog content. You want to be consistent but also you want it to be good. Think about writing blogs that are valuable and easily searchable (use words that people will be looking for). For example, a few years back when I first started blogging, I wrote an article on handstands. It turns out, lots of people search ‘handstands’ in Google and my blog article pops up when they search this topic. This drives people to my website where they might poke around for a little bit and maybe stumble upon my retreat schedule and workshop information (marketing win!). Now, improving SEO is a lot more complicated than this but posting quality, relevant blogs consistently is a great place to start!

2) Connect with Your Tribe

Blogging helps people align with your message and believe in what you stand for…or not. I once took a course on marketing that encouraged polarization. Statistics show that people are more likely to buy what you have to offer if they truly align with your message. If they’re not clear on your message or your message seems washed out to them, they won’t buy what you have to offer. So, it’s WAY more important to convey a strong message that will get a few ‘hell yeahs’ than to try and appease EVERYONE with vague complacency. Blogging can be your conduit for conveying your message and the stronger your message, the easier it is to create this polarization. BUT, be yourself and be authentic – being controversial for the sake of controversy won’t help you connect with your tribe. Make no mistake, cultivating your tribe is one of the most profound things you can do to flourish as a yoga teacher. And, blogging is a great way to build that bond.

3) Drive Traffic

We deal with a lot of marketing on the internet. From ads on Facebook to free offers to the latest deal. All too often people use their website as a giant sales platform and the only reason people have to go there is if they want to buy something. And guess what that means – not a lot of people visiting your website. If you have great blogging content to share, you can encourage people to visit your website without it being about them buying whatever you’re offering. It’s about you giving value to them. Then, once you have them on your site (loving your blog) you can encourage them to visit other parts of your site through text links, ads and pop-ups. These could lead to other blogs, your class schedule or your latest offer. If they love what you’re saying they’ll be all to happy to find out what else you have going on. Plus, the more traffic you have (each page view you get counts), the better your SEO.

4) Something to Share

One of the biggest challenges we face as yoga teachers on our social media platforms is coming up with content to share. We might post a picture of our day, update our schedule, or share someone else’s post or blog. But, when you really want to share something of meaning and value, one of the best ways to do that is to share your own blog. Sharing your own thoughts in this way not only gives you something to share on social media, it gives those who love you (aka your tribe) a way to share your messaging and ideas. This kind of social media content is a great way for you to expose your views and values to a wider audience. And, by doing it on your blog, you’ve taken your reader away from the social media platform (where they are more likely to get distracted by the next cute puppy video) and onto your website where they can learn a little more about you. It’s a much more captive audience now that you have them to yourself ;).

Finally, blogging can be fun (seriously!). It’s kind of like journaling and can be a super effective self-development tool. Be yourself when you blog, don’t pretend to be anyone else because people can see right through FAKE. Authenticity is your mantra!

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