30 Days of Yogi Wisdom – Day 10 featuring

“Mahatma” M.K. Gandhi

yoga quote from "Mahatma" M.K. Gandhi

“A perfect mind comes from a perfect heart not the heart known by a doctor’s stethoscope but the heart which is the seat of God. It is claimed that realization of God in the heart makes it impossible for an impure or idle thought to cross the mind.”

I’m really excited to feature a Gandhi quote- especially one that is a little lesser known than ‘be the change’. The purists may argue with me that Gandhi wasn’t a yogi in the traditional sense of the word. However, much of his character and the actions he took, just like the character and actions of Mother Teresa, could be viewed as yogic. Over the years I feel as though Gandhi has become a symbol of non-violence, a symbol of steadfast peace so to hear his perspective on the human heart and mind is interesting to me.

In the modern yoga world, I have become comfortable with interpreting the word ‘God’ to mean ‘spirit’ or ‘universe’. When I teach yoga and use a quote that references ‘God’, I encourage my students to dig deep and if the word ‘God’ doesn’t resonate with them, find something that does- for me ‘nature’ works whereas ‘science ‘ (I’m not even kidding here) works better for my partner.

In this quote, for whatever reason, I immediately interpret ‘God’ as love. I like the idea that when we make our focus love, it is impossible for negative thoughts or thoughts of hate to creep into the heart. Only when our heart is full of love or God, is our heart truly perfect so this is what we should aspire to as beings on this planet. I also feel like by mentioning the doctor’s stethoscope, Gandhi is telling us to go against the masses or against what is perceived as true and right, and instead focus on our intuition or inner wisdom. We must trust our internal compass over and above science. Only when we trust our hearts and allow our hearts to be filled with love can we find perfection in mind.

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