How Yoga Teachers Can Bring Kids Yoga to Their Community

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to teach the odd kids’ yoga class. Every time I do, I’m amazed by how quickly they pick it up. Kids just seem to get it; they somehow intrinsically understand the value of balance between activity and rest. They all see the FUN that yoga can be (unlike so many adults who make yoga just another thing to ‘check off the to-do list’).

So, when we at Yoga Teacher Prep learned that April 6th is International Kids’ Yoga Day, we jumped on the opportunity to help spread the word. Kids’ Yoga Day is an annual, free event held on the first Friday in April. Children from all over the globe do a 5-minute yoga routine (simple poses with kid-friendly names) at 11am local time. It might be at a school, a daycare, a yoga studio or even in a living room – wherever the yoga teacher can gather kids. In 2017, over 115,000 kids participated, in every corner of the globe! This year, they’re hoping for more.

We reached out to the founder, Teresa Power for some tips on how we, as a community of yoga teachers, can help bring that number up. By the way – you don’t have to be a yoga teacher to be a Kids’ Yoga Ambassador. So, for our aspiring yoga teachers, this could be great practice and a way to share your yoga before you officially become a teacher.

Here’s what you can do to bring yoga to the children in your community on Kids’ Yoga Day:

  1. Register as a Kids’ Yoga Ambassador at Once registered, you’ll get details about the day and the routine (see below).
  2. Find a group of kids to work with if you’re not already affiliated with a school, community center or daycare. You’ll get free tools that will help you explain the premise and what will be involved. The website also has a great video that will help administrators get the picture. Plus, you can remind them that yoga boosts the mental and physical health of children and has been proven to increase calm and focus (even address ADHD) for kids.
  3. Practice the simple 5-minute yoga routine with your class or school.
  4. Do the routine with your students at 11am on Friday, April 6th, alongside tens of thousands of other kids around the globe!
    Kids love being a part of something bigger than them, so be sure to remind them about all of the other kids around the world who are doing exactly what they are doing.

Thanks to Teresa Power for sharing this with us and for creating such an amazing way to introduce kids to the benefits and joys of yoga.

illustration of children's yoga practice

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