30 Days of Yogi Wisdom РDay 29 from the Laghu-Avadhuta-Upanishad

yoga quote by Laghu-Avadhuta-Upanishad

“Breath control is the conviction that this entire universe is false.”

I picked this quote today because, to be honest, I don’t totally understand it. For that reason, it really has me thinking! Immediately it reminds me of stories of the old yogi gurus who could hold their breath for so long that doctors would pronounce them dead. Then they would come back to life as if nothing happened. These mysteries of yoga absolutely throw all the normal rules about life, death and reality out the window.

If we view, as the yogis encourage us to, reality as a construction, then the yogis attempts to manipulate the breath beyond what our construction deems as realistic does encourage us to believe that our understanding of the universe is false. What do you think? Am I getting too deep? Am I going down a rabbit hole here? Perhaps but I believe that this quote can be interpreted in many different ways so I encourage you to share with us on our Facebook Group your thoughts on the subject. When you first read the quote, what did it trigger for you? What is your initial gut reaction about this line in the Laghu-Avadhuta-Upanishad?

What makes this quote particularly intriguing to me is the fact that it’s not a quote from a yogi but a line from an ancient Indian piece of writing about yoga. The Upanishads are a collection of writings with no accredited author as they were written over the course of hundreds of years by many sages. There is some mystery around the Upanishads and they include some controversial topics. Nevertheless, the wisdom gleaned from their writings helps to illustrate a deeper understanding of yoga and where the practice came from.

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