Seek out teachers that maintain a practice. It might seem odd to have to say it but many teachers don’t actually have a dedicated practice. For teachers of any form to maintain relevance in their chosen discipline, they must maintain a practice – this is how we all learn, and so it’s important to research your faculty and the teaching staff – do they regularly practice? It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to be regular – because that’s how the teachings take form and that’s why we take teacher training – to gain knowledge from the experience of our teachers.

Navina Thai Yoga Therapy educates people on movement in the context of Thai Yoga Massage. They offer programs ranging from home practice to licensed practitioner taught through the biology of touch and the art of compassionate touch.



I, like Drew, have found that my most favourite yoga teachers are the ones who continuously push themselves to never stop learning. The best teachers are the ones who get on their mats and question everything. They are the explorers in this industry and maintain a sense of curiousity and openness. So don’t only seek them out to teach you all that they know, strive to be like them and stay hungry for the practice!

xo Laura

p.s. This is Drew’s second tip in the 108 YTT Tips Series. Find his first tip here. 



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