Approach everything with compassion, stay open and keep a beginners mind. I am deeply devoted to being a student. I grow as a teacher the more I approach each breath, each moment as if it is my first. Teachers come in all forms, staying open to that. What keeps me grounded in this growth is my Sadhana (daily spiritual practice). Through meditation, pranayama, and asana my practice on the mat strengthens. Keep a beginners mind. Every practitioner has a different story, empathize and use compassion with them. We can learn from stories, especially our own.

Danielle is a 200 RYT & PRYT certified through Alliance. She is devoted to encourage students to move from their hearts, healing themselves physically and energetically, removing veils of maya (illusion) that we are not enough, all while creating space for students personal growth towards their highest self.

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There is this myth in yoga that before you take a YTT you should already everything about yoga. Now, I think it’s important to have a consistent yoga practice before thinking about taking a YTT, but also know that there are so many different style and theories of yoga floating around now in this modern age. Know that everything you’ve learned about yoga may not mesh with everything you’ll learn about yoga in your YTT. Like Danielle suggests, be open to this and allow yourself to have a beginner’s mind so you can soak up the information like a sponge.

xo Laura

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