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Would your YTT group be integrated to work collaboratively? This could be an opportunity to make colleagues and friends for life … (rather than rivals!)

Claire Missingham was the first RYS in England specifically training teachers in the Vinyasa Flow Yoga method as part of the Krishnamacharya lineage. Since 2009, Claire has trained and mentored 100 graduated teachers from Europe and the training has become well-known as a rigorous, highly inspiring, life-changing and extremely motivating experience.

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Yes! This opportunity to work collaboratively is so powerful. When we can support each other in this industry rather than compete with each other, it fosters an environment of growth rather than frustration. Treat your fellow students like gold and they will give you advice not just now, but years from now when your practice/career is blossoming or when it is floundering. Understand that doing a YTT together creates a deep relationship that can be beneficial to you for life!

xo Laura

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