The why (and the who) determines the how. Spend some time investing in answering the question why you want to do a teacher training, what skills you genuinely value in your own teachers.

Christine leads yoga teacher trainings (200hr, 300hr and 500hr) at Vancouver Yoga School, a boutique institution in downtown Vancouver. Their programs reflect their passion for holistic wellness and were created to serve the needs of the expanding yoga industry. 

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Really examining why you want to do a yoga teacher training can help you determine which yoga teacher training may be best suited to you. Like Christine says, it’s important to look for a yoga teacher trainer who embodies what you are looking for. The reason this is so important is because each training is unique to the school and teacher who leads it. Ensure the school/teacher resonate with you before you make the investment.

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This is Chrisine’s second offering in the 108 YTT Tips series. Here’s where you find her first one. 


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