A Yoga Teacher’s Review of Sequencing Apps and Programs 

The most frequently asked questions I get from yoga teachers are about how to sequence a yoga class. Yoga teachers are constantly looking for sequencing inspiration and ways to make their vinyasa flows creative, juicy, and so not time-consuming to create. I decided to give three a test run and compare their cost, efficiency, and ease of use. I tried three online sequencing options:
  1. Tummee
  2. Yoga Class Plan
  3. Sequence Wiz
All of the sequencing programs I tried offered a two-week free trial as an incentive. The annual pricing of each program was comparable. Tummee costs $69.95 per year (or $8.95/month), Yoga Class Plan is $109, and Sequence Wiz is $120 per year (or $12/month) with all pricing in USD. [prices as of Feb. 2019]
My first impression was that Tummee and Yoga Class Plan were similar to each other with color picture graphics and functionality. Both allowed you to build your sequence with ‘drag and drop’ options from a full page of postures.
Sequence Wiz had a lot of great information on HOW to build a sequence including an encyclopedia of blog posts on the topic. The actual drag and drop development of the sequences seemed secondary to the focus of supporting yoga teachers in all aspects of teaching. The part where you actually build your sequence wasn’t as aesthetically pleasing and felt less user-friendly than both Tummee and Yoga Class Plan. The images were black and white stick figures and it took me a while to get clear on how to use the system.

Methodology for Testing Sequencing Apps

Using my free trials, I created a prenatal sequence on all three platforms in order to truly compare them against each other. Across the board, one thing’s for sure, it took me forever to create a single sequence and I got really frustrated trying to find postures and variations on postures. Sometimes the names I would know for certain postures wouldn’t match the names of the postures in each website’s database. This tested my patience just a little but certainly was not surprising.

Final Review of Tummee Yoga Sequencing App

Tummee was initially easier for me to use. The process was clear, simple, and I was impressed by the sheer quantity of postures and variations on postures available. There were many variations I’d never seen which provided some inspiration in building my sequence.

Final Review of Sequence Wiz App

Sequence Wiz was harder to navigate (which may have something to do with me skipping the ‘how to’ intro video). It has both a sequence builder and a pose editor which seemed like a lot of work when I realized it was up to me to edit the actual postures.

Final Review of Yoga Class Plan App

I liked that in Yoga Class Plan I could change the names of the postures to fit what I was familiar with (and to match what I use in class). I also liked that I could view over 5000 shared plans on the website if I was feeling stuck. What I didn’t like was that a credit card was required to start my free trial whereas the other companies didn’t require a credit card.

My Opinion

Overall, my favorite platform to use was Tummee and my least favorite was Sequence Wiz. That being said, I still think that nothing beats getting on my mat, moving how my body instinctively wants to move, and then using a pen and paper to write down the sequence!
I can see myself using one of these sequence builders for my private clients, though. It would be great to create a sequence for a client, print it out and give it to them to practice. Nevertheless, as a yoga instructor who spends way too much time working on her computer, having another task that requires me to sit down and stare at a screen is so not my jam. So, peace out, sequencing apps. Maybe I’m old-fashioned but I’m channeling my own stores of creativity and intuition to create my class plans from now on.


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