Don’t expect to get everything out of one training! Your path of teaching is a lifelong exploration. If you have a teacher or practice you are resonating deeply with now, follow that. And, know that it might change and that’s perfect. Whatever calls you now is where you’re supposed to be.

The Avahana School of Yoga is a collaborative Yoga Alliance registered school offering in-depth, world-class yoga teacher trainings at both the 200-HR and 500-HR levels. Rooted in the tradition of non-dual Tantric philosophy, their trainings honor the lineage of yoga and have innovated these powerful, ancient teachings to be relevant and practical today. The school also incorporates the healing capacity of the expressive arts of dance, creative writing, sacred movement, conscious dialogue, somatic therapies and other healing arts.

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A standard Yoga Alliance approved YTT is 200 hours long and, speaking from personal experience here, squeezing everything you need to know about yoga into that time span is borderline impossible. So, recognize that your first YTT could potentially be just the beginning for you! It’s common to come out of a YTT and feel like there’s so much more you need to learn. This is normal! Because the key is, the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know. 🙂

xo Laura

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