Why the Size and Shape of Your Body is No Big Deal

When signing up for yoga teacher training, the body type you have may dictate your actions – one way or the other.

Some aspiring yoga teachers worry that their body shape may be a hindrance because they feel like they don’t have the ‘ideal yoga shape’.  Others are motivated by the shape of their bodies. They might see YTT as an opportunity to dramatically lose weight, increase muscle mass, or improve flexibility. Or, they might see it as a way to prove that having the quintessential yoga body is not essential to rocking hardcore asanas.  Whatever the case, it’s undeniable that at some point or another the question, ‘is my body strong/skinny/fit/bendy enough?’, has crossed the mind of every would-be YTT student.

Here’s the truth: your body type is significantly less important in yoga than you think it is. In fact now, more than ever, modern social media has shown us that ANYONE can do yoga. What’s encouraging about this is that it has essentially granted permission for all types of people from all around the world to get on their mats. Suddenly, it feels as though yoga is no longer just for the skinny, pretty, white girl and this is AMAZING.

So, when you don’t fit the old-school yoga mold and perhaps don’t look like Yoga-Teacher-Barbie, you’re paving the way for your students to feel accepted in class just the way they are. When you’re not ‘perfect’, it makes you more approachable and relatable as an instructor. Students can see a little bit of themselves in you and this is inspiring.

Gone are the days of trying to keep up with the Jones’s; yoga students today want REAL. They want to feel inspired and good about themselves when they take your class rather than depressed because the goals they’re working towards seem so unattainable.

The next time uncertainty about your body starts to creep in, remember that it’s bullshit. The ‘yoga body’ is a myth. AnyBODY can do yoga, and that’s a fact. So, fearlessly take your yoga training, stand in front of your class and prove to them that you were made to be a yoga teacher and inspire them to follow their dreams too.

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