Marketing Tips for Yoga Teachers

One of the most common questions I get here at Yoga Teacher Prep is, “How do I get more people in my classes?” The mistake SO MANY yoga teachers make is thinking that they never need to market their offerings. That people will just magically show up to their classes/retreats/workshops simply because they are a good yoga instructor.


Now, this may have been the case 10 years ago but the market has changed because the industry has changed. Yoga classes are a commodity and in order for people to learn about your services, you must find a way to tell them about what you have to offer.


These are my 3 favorite tried and true ways to market my yoga classes.


1) Personally invite people to your classes. You’re not too highfalutin to actually verbally invite someone to your class, are you? This is THE most effective way to build your class sizes as it’s a personal connection. So, who do you invite? It’s the people in your life who are your acquaintances (because all of your friends have already been to your class…or at least should have been!). It’s the girl you see every morning at the coffee shop. It’s your neighbor, your mom’s friend, your hairstylist, your dog’s vet. It’s all those people who may or may not know that you teach yoga. They will be honored that you thought to invite them to your class and hey, what’s the worst that could happen?


2) Social Media. Now, this can be done well or poorly…depending on what you post on your social media feed, of course. Remember that your social media is not all about promoting, promoting, promoting. To do any social media feed well, you must offer content of value and that showcases your personality so your followers WANT to follow you and feel connected to who you are (you’re not just some Twitter robot). You must be consistent in your posting and if you can’t commit to all the SM feeds, then pick just one you can do well.


3) Build up relationships with your current students. Are you doing everything possible to create student retention? An extremely effective way to build your clientele is to get invested in your current students’ lives. Like actually befriend them (for reals, not for fakes!). Ask them about their family, their dog, get to know where they work, which postures in yoga they love, etc. When a yoga student sees how much you really care about them, going to yoga will be less of a business transaction and more of a lifestyle investment. If you go above and beyond what is normally expected of the average yoga teacher, your students will do your marketing for you and tell ALL their friends how great you are and how much you care!


If you really invest in these 3 marketing tactics, I can promise that your classes will grow. And, don’t forget to enjoy the process; too many yoga teachers HATE marketing and make it a chore, but seriously, building these relationships can be fun if you truly move from a place of authenticity.


Need more tools for marketing your yoga offering? Manifest Your Dharma covers marketing and so, so, so much more. 

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